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Our SharePoint and Office 365 Consulting Firm HQ in Baltimore, Maryland​Our Office 365 and SharePoint consulting firm headquarters is settled on the slopes of the mill valley in the historic Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore City. We've been here since 2009, and we are proud to call this location our home.

Many people wonder why we started our SharePoint practice in Baltimore. The obvious answer is that this is the city where both our founders, Thomas Carpe and Alara Rogers, live. But there are other good reasons too.

Nestled between the busy sidewalks of Falls Road and the Jones Falls, I-83, and the Woodbury light rail station, it's a perfect location whether you're commuting here to work from the suburbs or travelling by train to Washington DC or New York City to meet with clients. Our offices are just a short walk from The Avenue, which is famous for having some of Baltimore's best bars and restaurants; we love meeting our customers for lunch.

To meet the needs of small businesses, it's also very important to keep costs under control. It's difficult for small business owners to relate to the very high rates and extremely competitive nature of the labor market for SharePoint and other Microsoft technical skills, where even independent consultants can easily command rates in excess of $100 an hour. Having our offices in Baltimore city places us within easy reach of the Washington DC area, where many SharePoint experts and Microsoft consultants live and work - but outside expensive areas like Alexandria, Bethesda, McLean, Rockville, or Silver Spring.

While we have opened an office in Arlington, many of our staff still work from the Baltimore location for these reasons, travelling to DC as necessary. Whether you want to meet us in DC or Baltimore, at your office or in our neighborhood, we're happy to do whatever is most convenient for you.

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