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What Is Beowulf?

Beowulf 2016 ShieldBeowulf is an advanced authentication solution specifically designed with the needs of SharePoint in mind. It's ideal for SharePoint sites that need to allow access for external users (without a VPN) and those with advanced security requirements.

Beowulf Identity Server Features
Beowulf SharePoint Features
  • Friendly and Functional People Picker for SharePoint Claims
  • Enforce Session Based Sign-out with Cookie Authentication
  • Bypass the Realm Picker Dropdown Based on Rules
  • Seamless Sign-out and Sign-in As Another User
  • Fully Integrate/Synchronize Claims, Users, and User Profiles
  • Allow Claims Users to Masquerade as Windows Users
  • Instant Federatation with Supporting Providers
How Do We Buy Beowulf?

Beowulf is available in a variety of different deployment scenarios for traditional on-premises, cloud based, and hosted solutions. As each are ideal for certain scenarios, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our security experts after reading through the information about our different options.

Regardless of your particular technical needs, we've done our best to keep pricing simple and affordable:

  • Traditional Licensing from $3,960 to $7,920 / Server
  • Subscription Licensing Starting at Just $377 / Month
Technical Information

Like all advanced security platforms, Beowulf comforms to a multitude of internationally recognized security standards and has specific technical requirements for implementation.

Product Support

Beowulf Standard Support customers can visit our knowledge base and forum to get support for Beowulf installations. Standard Support is provided for the first year at no extra charge. Beowulf Subscription customers are automatically enrolled in Beowulf Premium Support, which includes phone support, initial configuration assistance, and free upgrades.