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Photo of the US Capitol as taken by one of our staff during Microsoft's World Partner Conference 2010

Even long before we opened our office in Arlington, Baltimore's proximity to Washington, DC means that our staff have past experience with a wide variety of federal government agencies, government contractors, local governments, and NGOs.

Recent Developments

Nov 8, 2016: Our founder Thomas Carpe will be speaking on a panel led by Scott Brewster alongside Liquid Mercury Solution alum Dustin Sparks at the First Annual FITSI.orgFederal IT Security Conference in Columbia, Maryland. The topic will be Securing SharePoint in the Enterprise: What Management Needs to Know.

Nov 1, 2016: In early November, we completed a project to implement Beowulf as the single sign on solution to integrate SharePoint and Birst for US Department of Energy.

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Oct 2016: We helped a federal government contractor working with the US Army in Aberdeen, Maryland to secure their e-mail communications with the Army using Office 365 S/MIME encryption. This turned out to be a very cost-effective solution that only takes about a day to set up.

Jan 2016: In October 2015, Beowulf Identity Server was granted Authority to Operate as the authentication server for US Department of Energy's PARS2 program, which uses SharePoint to deliver content to a wide audience of people who work indirectly with Department employees. Beowulf went into production in January 2016, and is proven and ready to protect your SharePoint environment.

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US Federal Agencies


US Department of Energy

Working together with CipherPoint, we deployed Beowulf Identity Server to secure the public-facing DOE PARS2 SharePoint farm. Our product provides multi-factor authentication and other advanced security features. We completed A&A review and received ATO in October 2015 and have been in production since January 2016.

Check out DOE Showcase 2015 and DOE Showcase 2016.


Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services

In 2012, we delivered Business Intelligence training to CMS staff as part of the CAPMS team. In 2013, We wrote the Center's SharePoint Adoption and Risk Mitigation Strategy for managing a rapid transition onto the SharePoint platform. We were a key player in helping the prime contractor win a multi-million dollar contract supporting CMS's SharePoint 2010 intranet. We continue to aid CMS staff within the business units who approach us outside of the organizational structure for impartial advice, guidence, and support.


US Department of Agriculture

We developed a next generation business process management system for the APHIS Bureau of Regulatory Services, integrating SharePoint and AgilePoint in a complex system that managed dozens of steps in the process to review deregulation requests. Our team's performance was a key reason that the prime contractor was able to go on to win a multi-million dollar contract supporting their SharePoint intranet.


Department of Homeland Security

We've done work for multiple agencies within the umbrella of DHS, including:

Transportation Security Agency 

In cooperation with BearingPoint, IBM, Microsoft, and several others, our consultants developed the underlying service oriented architecture for the TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) program. We leveraged SharePoint and BizTalk as the backbone that integrated many disparate systems , and our work during the pilot was essential in winning the award for this project.


Working with other consultants from SAIC, we provided expertise in SharePoint in support of the agency’s ongoing operations. In particular, we wrote the best practices manual for development projects in SharePoint, and provided key insights regarding how to design solutions for SharePoint that would meet change control standards without sacrificing time to deployment.

US Department of teh Treasury 

Department of the Treasury

Our staff played a critical role in the development of U.S. Treasury's ​TheGreen Portal and InService, both highly customized and uniquely branded user experiences built on top of SharePoint 2010's web content management platform.


Federal Aviation Administration

Working as a subcontractor, we developed a system for the management of procurement contracts in SE2020 using InfoPath, SharePoint, Dundas Dashboards, and AgilePoint. Our system allowed the government to obtain comprehensive data at every step of the contract award and delivery process, with maximum flexibility for future changes.



Long ago, we developed e-commerce applications for the NASA SEWP II program.

More recently, we implemented a SharePoint portal for Orbital Sciences, a key partner in NASA’s efforts to commercialize space travel. Our work in creating this portal helped Orbital to win the re-bid contract and resume involvement in the launch operations at Wallops Island.


National Institutes of Health

Many year ago, we developed e-commerce applications for the NIH to procure computer hardware and software.


In 2010, using AgilePoint, InfoPath, and SharePoint, we developed a cutting edge workflow solution for ORF that tamed a cumbersome 44 step bureaucratic process spanning everything from hanging a whiteboard to building a new hospital wing. Our system integrated with existing GIS system for maps of the NIH, and provided granular reporting on activity, allowing managers to identify and control bottlenecks during each step of the process.

More recently, we provided SharePoint consulting and development services to the NIHCD and NCATS as part of organizational restructuring and update of their intranet platform built on SharePoint 2010, our staff received a official Letter of Recommendation from NIH for their work on this project.



US Marine Corps

C4 COE, Quantico, Virginia

Our consultants built a comprehensive portal to aid Marines in planning and tracking their progress through communications training and career goals. Among our key accomplishments, we help C4COE staff to provision SharePoint users in Active Directory using automated tools that were bleeding edge at the time. We also developed a number of dashboard applications to visualize a Marine’s progress along various career tracks. Our work at Quantico demonstrates a familiarity with and ability to succeed in tough environments under adverse conditions and where security is paramount.


US Naval Observatory

Our founding partner developed and administered a web site for the US Naval Observatory from 1997-1998.


US Army - Topographical Engineering Corps

In the ’90s, our consultants developed e-commerce applications for the US Army TEC to procure computer hardware and software.

Non-Government Organizations


International Monetary Fund

Our consultants worked with other members of Desktop@IMF to develop several key applications for the SharePoint based intranet, which served a user base of 3,000+ staff in about 130 member countries worldwide. Among our key accomplishments was the Knowledge Exchange, launched in 2009, which unifies document searches across various applications in the enterprise.


World Bank

The World Bank has relied on us to provide key expertise for their SharePoint systems supporting over 18,000 staff and contractors worldwide. Our recent efforts in business intelligence help the Bank Group to track document classification and improve transparency. We have also provided guidance in planning and implementation of their disaster recovery configuration.

State and Local Government


Parking Authority of Baltimore City

Our company supported the PABC web site for 5 years. In 2005, we built a next generation system that provided comprehensive identity management and fraud prevention often not seen in even the most modern permitting solutions developed today. Though we were eventually out-bid and unseated, even our legacy system used prior to 2005 has been broadly described as being more functional and friendly than the system Baltimore City currently uses.