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Cybersecurity Readiness and Response Fee

What is the Cybersecurity Readiness and Response Fee?

This is a mandatory fee we charge to all customers who are purchasing Microsoft 365, starting 10/1/2019.

In some communications, such as invoices. You may see it referred to simply as "Cyber Fee" or "CYBER".

Why are we being charged the Cyber Fee?

Over the years, we've seen many customers attacked by hackers. Sometimes these attacks are even successful.

Whenever we get that e-mail or call, we've always been there to help - even when providing assistance may come with great disruption or cost. Moreover, starting this year, our agreement with Microsoft requires us to respond to cybersecurity incidents on behalf of our clients.

The Cyber Fee provides us with a mechanism by which we're able to provide vital cybersecurity services to our clients that go well above the baseline for most companies.

How much is the Cyber Fee?

The fee is $14/month per company unless your purchases total $50 monthly or less. Below that amount, there is a sliding scale from $5 to $10 per month depending on your total purchase amount.

How is the Cyber Fee used?

Services funded in whole or in part by the Cyber Fee include (but are not limited to):

  • Keeping our staff on-call, ready to respond to potential emergencies
  • Monitoring system generated e-mail alerts to determine what's a false alarm and what may be a real threat to your business
  • Ensuring that Microsoft services are configured to adequately protect your organization from phishing attacks, malware, and fraud - both before and after an attack
  • Courtesy evaluation of any email that you suspect may be phishing, hacking, fraud, or scam
  • Periodic advice on best practices to prevent attackers from stealing money from your business
  • Referrals to after-action security services such as hunting and forensic experts
  • Providing security enhancing services, such as enterprise grade password management tools

Is the Cyber Fee required?

Yes. We believe strongly in protecting our customers. Therefore, if you're purchasing Microsoft licenses or services through us, yes the Cyber Fee is required. Customers are free to source their licenses through another provider if they wish.

Will the Cyber Fee guarantee that my data or money remain safe?

It is important to understand that Cyber Fee is not an insurance policy, nor is it a guarantee that your business will not be successfully attacked.

In fact, nothing can do that. However, the Cyber Fee will greatly reduce the likelihood of a successful attack on your business, but hackers and thieves are working constantly to adjust their tactics.

To protect your company from financial loss or information breach, we recommend that you speak with your preferred insurance agent about cybersecurity insurance. In addition to direct compensation for losses, such plans may also provide funding for after-action technical services that may be needed to recover or limit further damage.​