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10 years in Microsoft cloud solutions. Information security leaders. Experts in Office 365, Dynamics, SharePoint, and Azure.


Familiar and friendly people who appreciate your needs. We take the time to get to know you and your business.


We'll work for every penny, put your interests first, and give you honest technical advice without all the M.S. B.S.


Microsoft 365 SupportPrime™ and SupportPlus™

You can buy Microsoft 365 licenses practically anywhere.
Why buy from us?
We give you MORE.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Microsoft prices are public knowledge; we sell Office 365 at those prices, no higher
  • Customers large and small need MORE than Microsoft provides.
  • Our clients truly matter to us. You are not just a statistic - one among tens of thousands.

Clients purchasing Microsoft licenses through us are automatically enrolled in an appropriate SupportPrime monthly Service Plan. Those wishing to forego extended coverage remain entitled to SupportPlus. Both plans offer numerous advantages over Microsoft's standard cloud support offering, while maintaining strong ties with Microsoft. A complete comparison between Free Support, SupportPlus, and SupportPrime is available on our Microsoft 365 Support Plans page.


The Liquid Mercury Solutions Difference

How does LMS compare to other Microsoft 365 vendors? We've got the answers you're looking for right here. Compare us to other Microsoft partners including Comcast, GoDaddy, SherWeb, MSPs - and even Microsoft.

Value Proposition: what's important to you?

Full Service License Management

Let's face it, Microsoft makes Office 365 licensing overly complicated. We've worked hard to simplify things without depriving you of the freedom to choose the plans that work for you.

  • We Match or Beat Microsoft's Direct Pricing - and Give You MORE
  • No long-term Commitment
    Add or remove Users Any Time
  • Deep Knowledge of Complex Microsoft Licensing / Features
  • Make Plan Changes and Billing Inquiries with Just an E-mail
    No Long Hold Times or Inter-department Pinball
  • No Hidden Costs
    All Value-added and Third-party Options Are Clearly Identified
  • Complimentary Strategy Session
    Get the Best Value from Office 365
  • Find a Better Price Elsewhere?
    Tell Us and We'll Do Our Best to Match It

Always On Technical Support

We provide 24/7/365 support that's there for you whenever you need it. Our full-service desk is staffed by highly trained local resources who'll give you the excellent service you need to make your business thrive.

  • Full-service Local Support Weekdays 8A-8P EST
  • Tech Support on Nights and Weekends Is Covered
  • Chat with Us Any Time
    You Can Even Start a Conversation in the Lower-right Corner of This Page

Fast, Friendly, Familiar

Others hide their technical experts and consultants behind a layer of salespeople - if they're even available at all. You'll get knowledge and value from us during every conversation.

  • Quick Response
  • Access to Experts at the Ready
    Great Technical Advice
  • Work with People You Know
  • Communicate More Easily
  • Staffed Locally
    Team Members in DC, MD, VA, WV, NY, CT, and OH

Your Cloud Crusaders

Often it seems like large corporations only care about their biggest customers. It pays to work with a partner who thinks you're important even if you're small.

  • We'll Welcome You Even If You're Just a Single-person Business
  • When Problems Arise, No Need to Worry
    We Manage Issues So You Don't Have To
  • We're in Your Corner, Fighting for You
  • Leave Dealing with Gigantic Impersonal Corporations to Us
  • Tenacity on the Tough Issues
    Holding Microsoft's Feet to the Fire

Exclusive Perks

While our competition are working to reduce the cost of providing support, we're finding ways to go even farther.

  • Free Tenant Set-up and Migration
  • Valuable Videos, How-tos, Tips, and Other Documentation
  • In depth knowledge direct from Microsoft 365 experts
  • Access to Our Library of PowerShell Scripts and Tools
  • Other Great Software and Apps
  • Preferential Rates for Consulting, Development, and other IT Projects
    Add-on Options and Premium Services Also Available

You're in Control

Some lock you out of administrative tools and other key Office 365 functionality, depriving you of value. Our commitment is that the customer is always in total control of their Microsoft cloud services and the data stored there.

  • We Don't Hide Office 365 Features / Functionality
  • Full Administrative Access to Your Tenant
    We'll Never Try to Hold You Hostage
  • Compare to Office 365 from Comcast Business or GoDaddy
  • Working with Multiple Vendors? Not a Problem
    Our SLA Takes the Guesswork Out of Shared Responsibility
  • Buy Your Licenses Anywhere and We'll Support You
    Purchase a SupportPrime Service Plan or
    Leverage Pay-as-you-go Support as Needed

Please see ​ Microsoft 365 Support Levels and our Cloud Services SLA for a thorough explanation of the boundaries of different cloud support tiers, Services on Demand Service Plans, and other professional services we offer.


Office 365 Plans and Pricing Demystified

We understand that Microsoft offers a lot of different choices - probably too many.
We've compared the various plans, and
organized them the way our clients think about purchasing.

Or, choose a category and take a look.

Popular Plans   Budget Plans   Project Plans
  Dynamics 365   A La Carte Plans   Windows Azure   Add-ons

SupportPrime Service Plans and Other Premium Services

Sometimes even better-than-average support just isn't enough to meet your needs.​ We've put together a veritable cornucopia of options, enhancements, packages, and premium services to ensure that you'll not only get MORE from Microsoft 365 - you'll get the best there is!

Our Services On Demand™ line of Service Plans provides access to a full-spectrum bench of IT resources without needing to fret over hourly billing, surprise charges, or cumbersome budget approval processes.

SupportPrime qualifying monthly Service Plans from Liquid Mercury

  • Admin 365 On Demand
    We Act As Your Microsoft 365 Admins - At Your Beck and Call
  • Enterprise 365 On Demand
    Enables Your IT Department to Manage a Variety of Microsoft 365 Workloads
    Scalable from Core Services and Cloud-based Infrastructure
    to Fully Managed Desktop and Mobile IT Management Service
  • SharePoint Admin On Demand
    Most SharePoint Administration Tasks, Covered by Subscription; Long-term Tasks at Substantially Lower Hourly Rates
  • Build 365 On Demand - Coming Soon
    Got development pro​jects you want done? We can help with Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Flow, SharePoint, and more!
  • (Wondering what became of Azure on Demand and Experts Edge? They're Being Combined into Enterprise On Demand.)​

Other Premium Options

How to Get Started

  • Step 1: Which Best Describes You?

      We Don't Have Office 365 Yet

    If you haven't signed up for Office 365 yet, we'll help get you started. Just ask us, and we'll set up your free trial at no cost to you. What could be easier than that?

    • Complimentary free trial set-up
    • Need help migrating? We have free and paid migration plans available
    • Big organization? We'll help you apply for an extended trial
      We're in Office 365 Now

    If you have an Office 365 account or free trial, simply invite us to help you manage it. Granting us access is a necessary first step for us to review your subscriptions and provide assistance as you need it.

    • No risk involved; we treat your data with confidentiality and respect
    • Ask us for an NDA if you need one
    • Switching your Office 365 plans over to LMS later is optional, easy, and safe
  • Step 2: Choose Your Desired Level of Support

    GoodFree Support

    Basic support is provided to all Liquid Mercury Solutions' clients at no charge, even if you're buying licenses through someone else.

    • Advice regarding different MS licensing programs, including volume licensing, educational licenses, GCC (government community cloud), and TechSoup
    • Complimentary free trial configuration and migration
    • We'll help you apply for MS extended free trial
    • Complimentary Cloud Services Evaluation - license review and evaluation, a $500 value
    • E-mail and chat based Q&A that goes beyond Microsoft's basic Cloud Support
    • Enhanced pay-as-you-go support is available on an hourly or per-incident basis

    Clients purchasing Office 365 through Liquid Mercury Solutions receive additional benefits beyond those provided by Microsoft and other Office 365 resellers.

    • Full service account and billing support - with real live human beings
    • Best-in-class 5x8 support provided by our USA domestic Office 365 and SharePoint experts
    • Overnight 24x7x365 support is included
    • Complimentary Cloud Services Evaluation - license review and evaluation, a $500 value
    • Personalized service you simply won't find elsewhere
    • Best of all, the price of Office 365 stays exactly the same
    BestSupportPrime Service Plans

    Think of us as your IT department in the cloud. We offer full-service subscription plans that go beyond support, placing our staff at your beck and call for all sorts of administrative duties within Office 365.

    • Reasonably priced options for businesses with 3, 10, 25, 50, and 100+ users; your business will be covered as you grow
    • Covers many routine administrative tasks in Microsoft's cloud platform, without hourly charges
    • Strategy sessions with our Office 365 and SharePoint experts - worth up to $5,616 per year
    • Many add-on enhancements such as compliance with regulatory requirements like HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, or GLBA
    • Pay-as-you-go packages available
  • Step 3: Flip the Liquid Mercury Switch

    Start the conversation with us by filling out our contact form, completing our free migration evaluation, or requesting your free trial. Alternatively, you can call us at 410-633-5959. We'll be in touch to schedule your interview and complete your enrollment in our Office 365 program.

    Unlike many turn-key resellers, our process is highly personalized. Here's an overview of what to expect:

    1. We'll have a meeting with you to fully understand your business and what makes it unique.
    2. If you already have an Office 365 account, we'll request access to it so we can review your plans.
    3. We'll provide a custom quote with a detailed description of all services offered.
    4. Optionally, we can meet with you again to answer any questions about the quote or make needed changes.
    5. To accept the quote, simply complete the Credit Card Autthorization section and send it back to us.
    6. We create or transition your account in a way that causes no disruptions to you or your users.
    7. We handle cancellation of any existing subscriptions for you, so you won't be double charged.
    8. Ongoing support for Office 365 is provided as part of our standard service.