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Whatever the intended purpose, Office 365 migrations are more than just a scaled down version of an on-premises SharePoint deployment. The reason for this is quite simple; while Office 365 is much more affordable and therefore it is accessible to businesses with much smaller operating budgets, it also offers a lot more than just SharePoint Online.

These additional services can include Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online, updates or changes to your desktop and mobile fleet, and more. There's also the goal of reducing or eliminating traditional infrastructure, which means making changes to firewalls, servers, and DNS settings just to name a few things.

As a Microsoft partner with a strong specialty in SharePoint, we think it's just as important to emphasize that we have deep experience with these other products as well. Count on us to have the big picture firmly in mind, along with the details.

While our Office 365 migration process is only truly limited by your budget and imagination, most clients are looking for something considerably more affordable than a full service enterprise SharePoint implementation. (Such migrations can take months to complete and require several full-time resources.)

By contrast, for these small scale migrations, we've established a standardized process that controls costs while helping you get the most out of Office 365 as quickly as possible. This process gives us the flexibility to collaborate with your staff and share the responsibility to performing certain tasks. By taking out the guesswork, we keep your migration proceeding smoothly.

Our migration plans for larger organizations (50 employees and up) include a detailed work breakdown structure which identifies all the tasks required of the team and whether they will be performed by Liquid Mercury Solutions' consultants, your own IT staff, or by working together. These typically require the most detailed planning, and duties are often shared. Sharing responsibilities with you helps to keep the overall cost of the project under control, and will generally result in lower total cost than if we simply counted the number of users.

Likewise, the smaller an organization the greater our role is likely to be. Organizations with fewer than 50, 25, or even 10 members will fall into categories where the planned activities and scheduling will be more lightweight and flexible. Fortunately, we've streamlined our process sufficiently that we can provide cost effective options for even the smallest businesses. We offer a firm-fixed price on migration services, with no minimum requirement on the number of users.

If your needs are greater, we can provide you with more information about how we manage larger or more traditional SharePoint projects. Please check out any of the following:

  • Solution Jump Start
  • Enterprise SharePoint
  • Intranet Development
  • High Profile SharePoint Web Sites

In any case, please refer to the Scope of Work included in your custom proposal or quote for a detailed breakdown of services included in your plan, along with any tasks for which you'll be responsible.

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