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​Microsoft 365 Support Levels

​​​Important ​Changes effective October 1st, 2019

Branding and Naming - Throughout our site, you may find references to Premium Support, Service Plans, Services on Demand, and most recently SupportPrime. Likewise, Basic support has been rebranded as Free Support. Please rest assured that the terms remain largely interchangable - but we recognize this can cause some confusion. Services on Demand is a broad branding term that covers all kinds of professional services available by subsciption, while Service Plan is the term we use in our SLA and other legal documents. SupportPrime is meant to replace privious references to Premium Support, and it refers specifically to entitlements offered to customers who purchase Service Plans. New branding will be phased into content and communications going forward over time. We appreciate your patience.

Support Entitlements - There has been significant realignment of all entitlements across all our support plans. These are described in detail below.

Rationale - These changes were put in place to make it more clear (for both our cloud support staff and customers) to which services clients are entitled and which are availalbe at an additional cost. While we want to give the best service possible to every customer, no matter how large or small, we must also recognize the costs involved in providing valuable IT services, and set appropriate boundaries as needed to ensure our work is funded.

Free Support, SupportPlus​™, and SupportPrime™ Details

All Services on Demand Service Plan customers are entitled to SupportPrime, which is the correct and current branding for Premium Support. Some specific entitlements vary by the individual Service Plan purchased. More details will be published in the next revision of our SLA.

All customers, regardless of their current level of support, may acquire SupportPrime grade service on a paid per-incident basis. This includes individual users of Microsoft 365 products for which there is no existing business relationship between the ​user's company and Liquid Mercury Solutions.

This table helps to explai​n the entitlements and boundaries of our support options:


Free Support



Applies to

Customers who do not purchase any licenses or service plans from Liquid Mercury

For example, if you buy licenses direct from Microsoft or are on a free-trial

Customers who purchase licenses from Liquid Mercury Solutions, but do not purchase any Service Plan

As of 10/1/2019, all customers are automatically enrolled in an appropriate plan for extended coverage, and may choose to opt-out.

Customers who purchase Service Plans such as Admin 365 on Demand, SharePoint Admin on Demand, Dynamics 365 on Demand, or Enterprise 365 on Demand

Specific workloads and entitlements are governed by the plan purchased and our SLA

Licenses, Billing, and Microsoft Liaison

Hours of Operation


9a to 5p EST weekdays

9a to 5p EST weekdays

Billing and License Support


Full service phone support for all billing and license changes; access to self-service license portal on request

Managed licenses and billing based on pre-defined business rules, plus full and self-service support

License and Plan Flexibility


Adjust licenses month-to-month bases with no annual commitment

Adds business protections that allow reduction in Service Plan coverage under conditions of business hardship

License Usage Consult

One per tenant


Quarterly, as needed

Microsoft Partner Advocate Services

One-time lost tenant / account rescue service for new clients

Facilitate MS ticket creation,
hold Microsoft accountable

Extended trial requests,

GCC eligibility assistance,

Managed MS support tickets

Technical Support

E-mail / Forum based online tech support from our staff

Basic level response

Standard level response

Priority level response

Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

Not available

Guest access to shared semi-public Team (only Liquid Mercury clients)

Guest access to dedicated private Team for your company only

Phone and Online  Meeting Support w/ Voice/Screen Sharing

Available only on a per-incident basis, at our sole discretion

First point of contact by phone; follow-up meetings by appointment only

Our Full Service Desk is available to assist you on demand or by appointment

24/7/365 Support

Online assistance to refer end-users to their IT technical support contact(s)

Hotline and app for urgent requests outside normal business hours

Live online response from LMS staff for inquiries outside normal business hours

Issue Resolution

Referral to support contact(s)

Tier 1 triage and support with handoff escalation to Tier 2/3

Tier 2/3 delivered by our Full Service Desk; escalation and facilitation with MS cloud support when needed

Case Origination

Admins only

Admins and approved customer staff only

Admins, designated staff, and/or end-users (varies by plan)

Case Management

No case management, issues are managed on a per-contact basis.

Cases managed in our internal system

Case management system; end-customer portal access to case history; integrations possible via API + Flow/PowerApps

Case Archiving

No case management, issues are managed on a per-contact basis.

Customer is responsible to reply within a reasonable time; we will send follow-up e-mail and wait 48 hours for a reply before archiving a Case.

Courtesy "babysitter" service is included, with attempts to follow up by both e-mail and phone; we will try three times to contact you about a Case and wait up to 72 hours without a reply before archiving it.

Full Service Desk

Full Service Desk Availability

9am to 5pm EST weekdays; for new client tenant / trials only

9am to 5pm EST weekdays

8am to 8pm EST weekdays

Full Service on Weekends / Holidays


Not Available

Available via ESR

Account and Status Management


Status updates and reports by e-mail only

Regularly scheduled status meetings, frequency determined by plan

Protects Against Hourly Charges



Yes, as determined by plan entitlements, with preferred rates

Create New User Login/Mailbox When Adding Licenses


Simple process only

Custom onboarding following business rules

Offboarding Users / Terminations


Disable account login only

Offboarding with data preservation, safe license de-allocation, and business rules

Mailbox Changes


Simple changes only

Complex changes including selection of mailbox type and conversions

New Tenant Configuration

One-time for new client



Full Service DNS Configuration

One-time for new client, MS hosted w/ access via shared password or GoDaddy invite only

Single DNS domain per year, MS hosted w/ access via shared password or GoDaddy invite only

Multiple DNS domains, MS or third-party DNS hosted, no restrictions on access method

Configuration of AD Connect or Windows Essentials




Perform Other Back-end IT Administration Tasks on Behalf of Client


In select cases, subject to reasonable limitations and review process. (see out-of-scope exceptions)

Yes, IT workloads determined by plan and SLA​

IT Co-existence / Shared Responsibility


Coexistence with your designated internal IT staff only

Coexistence with your third-party IT providers, such as an MSP

Contact third-party vendors on customer's behalf


Only for products sold by LMS

Available in select plans

End-customer Access to Office 365 Admin Portal Provided


Upon request

Upon request plus Full Service Administration, IT workloads determined by plan and SLA

Security and Access

End-user Password Reset

Not available

Managed by customer IT/admin

Both end-user self-service password reset and full-service with identity verification options

Admin User Access Restored / Granted

One-time lost tenant / account rescue service for new clients

Access granted / password reset on request by e-mail or phone

Full-service with identity verification

Periodic Security Evaluation



Available with select plans

Security Scans for Endpoint Devices



Available with select plans

Security Incident / Threat Response


Basic response provided through the Cybersecurity Readiness and Response Fee; extended response at our sole discretion

Basic response provided through the Cybersecurity Readiness and Response Fee; extended response available with select plans

MFA Break Glass Plan



Included with all plans

US Domestic Staff (ITAR/NIST/HIPAA)

Not required; may include third-parties

Not required; may include third-parties

Guaranteed service from domestic / US citizens only

Resources and Guidance

Cloud Strategy

Free initial consultation

Annual review

Regularly scheduled review, frequency determined by plan

Consulting Services / Tech Experts


Access consultants in a multi-customer open discussion format; email/chat based Q&A

Private access to consultant level staff, by appointment or walk-in during scheduled office hours

Training Events / Expert Presentations


Invitation-only access to scheduled group training or other special events and technical presentations

Bespoke online training and special presentations; training for individuals, small groups, IT staff, or train-the-trainer

Knowledge Base

General access to knowledge base articles cleared for public consumption

Early-access to knowledge base articles which have been cleared for public consumption

Access to private knowledge base, which includes emerging and rapid response information

Premium Content

General access to content released for public consumption

Access to Premium content after six months from the original publication date; expedited content available after 90 days

Access to curated content from day one of publication

IP and Tools



Access to exclusive IP including PowerShell scripts and apps

Out-of-Scope Services and Options

How Edge Cases Will Be Handled

Strict: no exceptions

Limited: scope boundaries and limits will be enforced except at our discretion

Permissive: courtesy acceptance of scope boundary crossing when not excessive or usurious

Full-Service Microsoft 365 Administration

Pay-as-you-go Full Service Administration at our Walk-in Prices

Pay-as-you-go at Standard Customer Rates; complimentary exception granted once per quarter at our discretion

Always available, IT workloads determined by plan and SLA

SupportPrime Services

Pay-as-you-go SupportPrime service at our Walk-in Prices on a per-incident basis

Pay-as-you-go at Standard Customer Rates; complimentary exception granted once per year at our discretion

Always available

Work Orders / Extended Service Requests

N/A; You must be a Liquid Mercury Solutions' customer to receive these services

Pay-as-you-go aStandard Customer Rates

Billed at Preferred Customer Rates; may be appended to recurring invoice

Emergency Services

Not Available

Standard Customer Rates

Preferred Customer Rates

As new entitlements and programs are made available, information will be updated here. Please check back from time to time to review your support entitlements.