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Get your hands on Thomas Carpe's comprehensive compendium of all things to consider when you need to make SharePoint truly secure. This 9,000+ word e-Book is chock full of expert advice and professional tips - a must have for anyone using or working with SharePoint. Newly updated and revised for 2018!

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About the Author - Thomas Carpe

profileimage.jpgThomas Carpe is a founder and managing principal of Liquid Mercury Solutions, a Baltimore based Microsoft Gold partner specializing in Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint since 2009. (But, you're on our website, so you probably already knew that!) He's been working with SharePoint since 2001 and for over 20 years with Microsoft technology. He's a Microsoft certification machine, with various certs like MCPD, MCITP, MCSE, and MCSA under his belt. He's still real sore that Microsoft cancelled their Certified Master program before he was able to set aside enough time and money, but what the heck we'll go ahead and call him a Master of Microsoft™ anyway! Tom's an acknowledged expert in SharePoint security and is the author of a large open source library and several software products built on SharePoint. He resides in Baltimore with his wife, four children, housemates, and a menagerie of pets which include: cats, dogs, birds, fish, chickens, rabbits, and turtles.