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Center for Medicare/Medicaid Studies: Business Intelligence Projects Dashboard 

The Center for Medicare/Medicaid Studies is tasked with implementing numerous projects related to the Affordable Care Act.  They use Microsoft Project to manage these projects. However, other important sources of data on their projects – including their funding status and their position in a multidimensional priority matrix – came from data outside MS Project, making it impossible to use MS Project's native reporting capabilities to generate the detailed reports they needed to see. They commissioned a pilot project to explore the capabilities of Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server based business intelligence stack. 

Performance Period 

May 2012 – July 2012 


CMS Pilot Dashboard, main page 


Projects In Progress Scorecard and KPI 


Endangered Projects Dashboard 

Number of Users 

18,000 Agency-wide 

Technical Accomplishments 

We designed an interactive dashboard, built on top of a cube made from their data, to enable them to view their projects by status and from multiple perspectives. 

  • Imported and cleansed data from MS Project and Excel files 

  • Created OLAP cube in Analysis Services to explore the data multi-dimensionally 

  • Developed predictive KPIs to track likelihood of projects in progress becoming overdue 

  • Created interactive dashboard in PerformancePoint to display KPI scorecards, charts, graphs and tables showing the completion status of projects by multiple dimensional axes 

Results Achieved 

  • Zero Funding Solution – all products used in solution already licensed by CMS 

  • CMS now leverages these techniques in ACA data reports for the White House 

  • Capabilities of PerformancePoint were successfully demonstrated 

  • The prime contractor went on to win more business from CMS 

  • LMS went on to develop CMS’ SharePoint adoption and risk mitigation plans 


Keith Belk, Day1Solutions 
240.535.0412 (cell)