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Federal Aviation Administration: TORP SE2020 Project and KSN Support 

Designed and implemented a complex custom solution for the FAA’s Task Order Requisition Process (TORP); TORP is a government form consisting of 27 sections and its processing involves several participants in government and commercial entities, with dozens of steps performed over a period of several weeks. 

Performance Period 

August 2010 – April 2011 

Number of Users 

Approximately 22,000 KSN users 

Technical Accomplishments 

This project involved a solution that made extensive use of SharePoint’s custom workflow, InfoPath forms, a custom database schema to support the data, entity model database connections, and dashboards (Dundas Dashboards and Microsoft BI platform); multiple workflows (custom workflow in Visual StudioAgilePoint BPMS) were developed to facilitate different sub-processes and supporting activities. 

Results Achieved 

FAA regulations regarding the use of custom code in their environment were very strict; we designed our form so it could operate with or without code-behind, where the code was needed to handle the workflow, but the form could be managed manually in a codeless environment.  


Andrew Rakicsany, Directus Consulting / Information Innovators, Inc. 
571-277-2657 (cell)