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RRGFull-spectrum Cloud Migration, SharePoint and Windows Azure Development 

RRG is a consulting firm specializing in auditing services for large commercial lease portfolios. They have offices in several cities with headquarters in Washington, DC. They serve a clientele of prestigious businesses, which includes some the nation’s largest banks, finance companies, and telecommunications providers. 

Performance Period 

November 2013 – Present 

Technical Accomplishments 

RRG had many legacy systems in place when we first started working for themAmong others, these included outdated Terminal Server and an out of date and overburdened Exchange server. 

We migrated their infrastructure to Office 365, including a full migration to Windows Azure Active Directory, Exchange Onlineand implementation of a client document management system in SharePoint Online. We work in cooperation with their existing managed services provider to provide support for these cloud services. 

Recently, RRG has relied on us to develop a complex tagging and classification system for their SharePoint documents, and a rich data driven application based in Windows Azure and Power BI. 

Results Achieved 

  • Substantial ROI Over Traditional Infrastructure 

  • Documents and E-mail Now Accessible from Home or Office, Desktop or Tablet 

  • Transition Process Anticipated and Overcame Several Technical Obstacles 

  • Client Document Management System Greatly Improves Tracking and Findability 

  • Rich reporting gives industry and customer specific business insight based on customer documents 


Shadi Zamer, Managing Director 
(202) 331-0100 (main); ​