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What Is SharePoint Admin On Demand?

SharePoint Admin On Demand™ is our subscription service that makes managing even large SharePoint sites affordable to anyone, both on premises and in the cloud. The package includes managed, full-service maintenance and administration of your SharePoint sites, plus valuable resources to help you get MORE from SharePoint.

Think of it like a service contract for SharePoint or "managed SharePoint".


  • Remote access to highly skilled SharePoint experts
  • Unlocks the power of SharePoint resources included in Office 365 plans
  • Let us carry your IT burden, so you can focus on your business
  • Up-front, predictable, and affordable monthly pricing
  • Available in the cloud and on-premises too

Why Use SharePoint Admin On Demand?

It's true. SharePoint has a reputation (some would say well-deserved) of being very powerful but also very complicated. Getting the most from it requires specialized knowledge of its capabilities and pitfalls. These skills take years to develop, and this has only gotten more challenging since now Microsoft is constantly improving and changing their cloud services.

Traditionally, getting full value from SharePoint would've meant hiring consultants and/or admins at top-end salary or expensive hourly rates. It's not uncommon for SharePoint experts to earn six figures or more and charge rates of two-hundred an hour and up. For large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of employees and a six or seven figure investment in the hardware and software needed to run a SharePoint farm, this may not have seemed out of place.

Times have changed. Office 365 brings SharePoint down from Mount Olympus, making it accessible to micro-companies with just a few people. We even have customers who are sole proprietors, yet they find ways to get real business value from SharePoint. We recognize these smaller organizations need access to the same skills and experience.

SharePoint on Demand is designed to offer these services at affordable rates that scale with your business, ensuring you get the most from what SharePoint has to offer without taking on all that technical debt.

Compare SharePoint Admin On Demand to Others

Compare us with other vendors offering similar services for thousands per month
and see why you should flip the Liquid Mercury switch today

Others offer SharePoint consulting at expensive hourly rates. We do provide services like intranet development, migrations, and intranet projects that don't fit the subscription model. But SharePoint On Demand is different in that it puts trained Site Owners, Site Collection Admins, and (for on-premises servers) Farm Admins at your disposal to manage and configure SharePoint so that you don't have to.

Here's what sets SharePoint Admin On Demand above and beyond:

  • We do MORE than SharePoint support, taking proactive steps to help you truly manage SharePoint.
  • You also get priority for scheduling and escalation.
  • Articulate your wishes in e-mail. Hit Send.
    Our staff handles everything and responds with questions and/or when the task is finished.
  • Great benefits are available, like strategic consulting and training.
  • Packages are based on your company size and whether you use commercial / government Office 365 or on-premises servers, and that's it.
  • Pricing is transparent, so you know what you're paying for.
  • Limits are reasonable, and extended services are provided at an amazing rate.
  • Tiered pricing keeps the billing consistent as you add and remove users.
  • Higher-end plans allow you to add single users if you go over the allotment.

What's Included?

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with SharePoint Admin On Demand:

  • Create a new Site, Library, or List
  • Install and configure a third-party app from the SharePoint Marketplace
  • Configuring web parts and app parts
  • Set up new Site Collections or Teams sites
  • Create new apps / tenants in on-premises farm
  • User and Group Management
  • Report on or adjust Site, Library, Folder, File permissions
  • Schedule and clean-up external user access when it's no longer needed
  • Configure auditing and/or Azure information protection (rights management)
  • Enable and configure secure external file sharing
  • Bulk editing of metadata
  • Adding/updating fields for a List or Library
  • Setting up custom Views for a List or Library
  • Adding/updating of Site Columns and Content Types
  • Set up managed metadata services
  • Build a simple workflow
  • Customize SharePoint list with InfoWise Ultimate Forms
  • Deploy an existing InfoPath form
  • Simple branding and page design
  • Content changes for a SharePoint web page
  • Adjustments to global and local navigation
  • Surface items/docs through SharePoint Search
  • Configure versioning
  • Restore deleted documents / backups
  • Configure legal hold or e-discovery features
  • Miscellaneous troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and repair (during normal business hours)

And much, much MORE...

SharePoint Admin On Demand Plans and Pricing

SharePoint Admin On Demand prices are based on the size of your organization and the type of Office 365 plans or SharePoint servers that you have. Find your best plan on the table below.

SharePoint Admin On Demand ​Plan​SharePoint
​Add Single Users
Covered​ Environment
or Strategy Meetings
(Task Orders)
ESR **
Monthly Cases
(Service Requests) **
Monthly ​Price
​SP Admin On Demand SOHO
​1-3​No​Simple​None​0​30 min
SP Admin On Demand Micro Business
​4-25​No​Simple​None​1​45 min
SP Admin On Demand Micro Business Plus
​11-25No​Simple​Quarterly​1​60 min
SP Admin On Demand Small Business
​26-50​YesSimple​Quarterly​260 min
SP Admin On Demand Small Business Plus
​26-100​Yes​Advanced​Quarterly​2​90 min
SP Admin On Demand Enterprise
​51-250​Yes​Advanced​Monthly​390 min
SP Admin On Demand Enterprise Plus
​Over 250
​Yes​Advanced​Monthly​3​120 min​20+​Ask for Quote

If you have more than 250 users or you're just slightly too big for one of the plans above, don't worry. Just ask us for a custom quote.

How to Get Started

Chances are you already have your SharePoint sites up and running. But if that's not the case, we encourage you to visit our Cloud Services page and check out the plans and options available to you.

Getting started with SharePoint On Demand is easy. We have a straightforward onboarding process that only takes a few hours at most to complete. The process is slightly different with on-premises servers than Office 365; both involve granting our team access.

Call us today to schedule and appointment and get started.

Other Q&A About SharePoint Admin On Demand

Many of these questions are addressed in detail by our Service Level Agreement. We'll summarize here as well.

Extended Service **

Reasonable limits on concurrent Task Orders and Service Requests per month have been put in place. When exceeding these limits becomes necessary, Extended Service is available at the rate of $1.50 per minute ($90 per hour). This protects both you and us, by allowing work to continue in a streamlined fashion, while preventing usurious or exploitative use of our service plans.

For Advanced Environments, there are exceptions in place for activities that are commonly understood to exceed the limits published here. Other rules for this policy are explained in detail in our SLA.

Do Your Count Frontline/Kiosk/Deskless Workers?

In most cases, we count only those users who make use of SharePoint for content creation and collaboration. Deskless workers aren't typically counted.

Does My Plan Cover SharePoint Farm/Server Health and/or Maintenance?

If your plan includes support for Advanced Environments, you may use your allocated monthly requests to schedule weekly or monthly server health and maintenance activities. While we can't promise you'll never have an outage, those who receive regular maintenance to the SharePoint farm as part of a SharePoint Admin On Demand plan are significantly less likely to experience significant server failures.

What If We Have an Emergency / Outage Anyway?

You can leverage Extended Service to mitigate issues or outages during regular business hours. Where plans cover Advanced Environments, we will also typically negotiate a lower rate for Emergency Services performed after hours.

What Environments Are Supported?

Most SharePoint environments are supported, whether Office 365, hosted SharePoint, or on-premises. Some environments will require you to purchase a Small Business plan or higher.

  • "Advanced Environment" covers SharePoint sites/farms hosted in the Government Community Cloud (GCC), on-premises or hybrid solutions, hosted VMs, access requiring VPN connection, and coverage for Central Administration and functions that can only be performed using Remote Desktop connection.
  • "Simple Environments" include Office 365 (non-GCC tenants) or hosted SharePoint that will allow a Site Owner / Site Collection Admin to access the site using a web browser without the need for a VPN connection.

How Does Coverage Vary for Simple or Advanced Environments?

Within Office 365 and other Simple Environments, SharePoint Admin On Demand covers the following workloads:

  • SharePoint Online Admin Portal
  • SharePoint Site Collection Administration
  • SharePoint Site Settings
  • SharePoint Sites used in Teams
  • Other settings and options within SharePoint web sites commonly available to Site Owners
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Project Online and other systems build on SharePoint, in some cases

In "Advanced Environments" we also cover:

  • Central Administration
  • Farm Level Service Applications
  • Server-side PowerShell
  • Most aspects of SharePoint Server Maintenance
  • SQL Server Maintenance for the SharePoint database server

Anything That Isn't Covered?

Please note SharePoint On Demand isn't a suitable replacement for large scale efforts like SharePoint migrations, farm build-out, intranet development, or development projects. For the full details and limits of SharePoint On Demand service, please review our Service Level Agreement.