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​​​​​Ongoing Needs

We provide full service Office 365 and SharePoint administration that scales with the size of your business. Eliminate the need to hire IT staff to manage your cloud based business services, at a predictable monthly cost.

Our affordable subscription based training program provides SharePoint end-user, power user, and admin training, weekly brown bags, and more to help you make effective use of SharePoint as a business platform. Spend only a few hundred per month instead of thousands. Add regular office hours, strategy sessions, and private consultations to leverage SharePoint to its fullest potential.

Escape the labyrinth of outrageous salaries, finder's fees, and hourly consulting rates. Augment your IT team at predictable costs with an affordable monthly subscription to "Skills-as-a-Service". Choose from a dozen different hard to find and retain SharePoint skill sets.

Short Term or As Needed

What day would you like to start your SharePoint or Office 365 project?Need just a little bit of help or have no idea how much work is involved? Not a problem! We offer simplified billing and no-haggle pricing so you can put us to work quickly. Scheduled services are available on a pay-as-you go basis in half-day increments at the daily rate.

Get SharePoint or Office 365 results in just a weekIf you have a very short term project, our Jump Start framework might be a good fit for you. For many tasks that we've done frequently, we can offer firm-fixed price engagements to get you the results you need in a speedy and efficient fashion. We also accept Microsoft planning services vouchers as part of this offering, so tell us if you have an EA, SA, or other annual MS agreement.

When you have a SharePoint emergency... who ya gonna call?Did your SharePoint farm finally blow up on you after months of neglect? Did the person who developed your InfoPath form leave the company a long time ago? Maybe your server admin is on vacation and can't be reached? No matter, we've seen it all! We can jump into your burning fire with hoses ready to extinguish your SharePoint crisis, whatever it may be.

Planning a Project?

If you have a bigger project in mind, we'll be happy to submit a detailed proposal. Contact us today to arrange an appointment or send us your RFP.

Strategic and Teaming Partnerships

If you have customers who need help with Office 365, SharePoint, or advanced web security solutions, we can help you. We understand that one company can't be an expert in all things, and we respect your relationship with your direct clients. We offer reseller pricing and other incentives so that everyone benefits mutually when we work together. We're also favorable to teaming arrangements and can provide technical expertise and access to Microsoft resources during the proposal writing process. If you're considering bidding on a project that includes SharePoint, Office 365, or Azure please reach out to us and let us know.

Learn MORE About the Kind of Work We Do

We're adding new content to the web site. For now, please feel free to visit our blog to read more about our technical work. Come back here later for additional background information about our Professional Services.