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Was Your Last Proposal Writing Adventure Simply Monstrous?
Stop Rolling the Dice!
 Tame Your Company's Proposal Projects
 Chimera Proposal Center.

  • Produce Higher Quality Proposals Up to 3x Faster, While Spending Less
  • Provides a Cohesive Platform to Build Proposal Teams from Different Departments and Organizations
  • Gain Valuable Insights into Proposal Status, What Wins More Business, and What Doesn't
  • Leverages SharePoint Tools Already Familiar to You and Your Team
  • Increase Your Proposal Win Rate and Company Revenue
  • Works in On-Premises SharePoint and Office 365;
    SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 all Supported

Is SharePoint leaving your sensitive documents wide open?
Shut the Front Door! with Beowulf Identity Server

  • Secure Multi-factor Authentication for On-premises SharePoint Farms
  • Has Many Exclusive Features Not Found in Any Other Product on the Market
  • Based on IT Security Industry Standards; Integrates with ADFS, Office 365, and More
  • Built Especially for SharePoint; Works Well with Other Web Apps
  • Supports But Doesn't Require Dedicated Servers
  • Mobile Friendly and Fully Customizable UI
  • Federal Agencies Welcome; We're 100% Ready to Help You Obtain Your ATO Based on DOE's Example Flexible Configuration Yet Easy to Use and Manage
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