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​​To meet the needs of different budgets and development methodologies, we've created a few slightly different Solution Jump Start formats.

Our 3 Day Jump Start is extremely light on project management and written documentation due to the highly compressed timeframe. By comparison, our 1 Week Jump Start provides additional time to compose and validate written requirements, collect feedback, make minor changes as needed, and thoroughly document what was done. Both formats allow for requirements gathering interview, rapid development, and presentation of the results.

Some complex solutions can't be accomplished using the 3 Day format, and certain turn-key solutions have been developed with specific time frames in mind. Any quote or proposal including Jump Start will identifies those timeframes we think are realistic and appropriate for your needs based on our discussions with you.

3 Day Solution Jump Start Light

  • Day 1 - kick-off, discovery, and requirements gathering
  • Day 2 - rapid implementation, feedback, and iterative improvement
  • Day 3 - documentation, review, and knowledge sharing

Some examples of projects that would fit the Jump Start Light format:

  • Departmental Information Architecture: configuration file / data management structure for a single department including development of site columns, content types, lists and libraries, views, data population etc., assuming this does not include migrating documents
  • Basic SharePoint Intranet: implement a pre-defined intranet site structure that includes features that are common to most companies, with very limited customization
  • SharePoint Farm Build: setting up a new SharePoint farm, provided that it has a small number of servers and there is no need to migrate content or solutions from another farm

1 Week Solution Jump Start

  • Day 1 - kick-off, discovery, and requirements gathering
  • Day 2 - rapid implementation
  • Day 3 - feedback and iterative improvement
  • Day 4 - testing and stabilization
  • Day 5 - documentation, review, and knowledge sharing

Some projects that would be well suited for a 1 Week Jump Start:

  • Customized SharePoint Intranet: extends the Basic SharePoint Intranet above; implements a simple, but customized, intranet based on your specifications, combining the documentation with scripts that allow us to generate a fully custom intranet site quickly
  • SharePoint Farm Build and Migrate: build and configuration, plus WSP and content database migration from a previous instance of SharePoint - assuming there's a direct migration path from your current version to the new version
  • Mobile Web Identity: Make SharePoint feel like home on any device with company branding, responsive web design, layouts, and web content publishing features
  • Search Optimization: Get the most out of SharePoint Search through proper configuration
  • Internal Communication: Break down departmental silos, provide leadership across the organization, and get everyone moving in the same direction using SharePoint to deliver fresh and relevant content to your staff on a regular basis

2 Week Solution Jump Start Enhanced

  • Week 1 – Build Out
    • Day 1 - kick-off and technical foundations
    • Day 2 - discovery and requirements gathering
    • Day 3 - design: map features to requirements
    • Day 4 - presentation of the proposed design
    • Day 5 - rapid implementation
  • Week 2 – Bolt Down
    • Day 6 - feedback and iterative improvement
    • Day 7 - testing and stabilization
    • Day 8 - refinement
    • Day 9 - documentation
    • Day 10 - review and knowledge sharing

Some examples of projects that would fit best into a 2 week Jump Start:

  • Chimera Roll Out: setup and deployment of a customized Chimera Proposal Center, to get you started creating your first proposal
  • Customized SharePoint Extranet: development of a repeatable template site for client/customer or partner/vendor facing SharePoint sites to streamline your sharing of documents​ and information with other businesses.
  • Custom Line of Business App: rapid programming a custom business application or SharePoint customizations, within the 2 week timeframe
  • SharePoint Federated Auth: federation of SharePoint farm to any number of possible claims identity providers including Azure AD, ADFS, Beowulf Identity Server, Shibboleth, etc.
  • AgilePoint BPMS Pilot: get you started in the AgilePoint portal, integrate with Office 365, and help you build your first workflow
  • Power BI Pilot: configuration of data gateway and creation of basic reports to get your started