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​Specifically which days we work on your project isn't that important, because the engagement has been structured so that each day can be performed autonomously. In fact, different tasks will often be performed by different members of our staff – however, they are completely dedicated to your project for the time period for which they are assigned.

For the fastest results, the Solution Jump Start should be scheduled for a continuous 3, 5, or 10 day period – for example Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Thursday. We understand not all organizations can move so quickly. Each day can be scheduled separately, provided that the entire Jump Start is scheduled within about 2 calendar weeks (or up to 4 weeks for the Extended 2 Week Jump Start).

For best results, the scheduled days should be determined no later than the day of the kick-off meeting.

It's important to understand that the short time-frame of a Jump Start Project means that anything more than minimal rescheduling will be extremely​ disruptive and may endanger the project. However, we understand that sometimes rescheduling is necessary, and we'll work with you to be as accommodating as possible.