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​​We've expanded our site to include selected profiles of some of our most interesting and recent past projects. The list is small for now. We'll be introducing new profiles here over time to highlight all the various kinds of customers and technologies we work with everyday, so check back often.

Get Rapid Results with Jump Start Solutions for SharePoint, ADFS, AgilePoint, Chimera, and More

Challenges of SharePoint Development

More and more responsibility for developing business applications is falling on departmental level staff as organizations seek to cut IT costs. SharePoint makes it possible to develop sophisticated solutions with little-or-no custom code.

But let's face it, SharePoint is a complicated product. That complexity makes it hard to hire, train, and retain skilled staff who understand the platform. Corporate IT and department level staff shouldn't be expected to be SharePoint experts. So often, they have to settle for solutions that are just good enough to get the job done – and when outside help is sought, they have to pick their battles carefully.

All this creates challenges for SharePoint consultants too. Small budgets lead to small project timescales. Development projects that once took over a year are now possible with SharePoint in just a few months – or even weeks. Being able to deliver results under these demanding conditions requires more creative approaches than traditional enterprise software developers and consultants are used to. In fact, many established SharePoint consulting practices will not even consider quoting a project for less than $25,000 due to the time and expense required just to scope out the work and write a proposal.

Our Answer: Solution Jump Start

Many small to mid-sized businesses have a strong need for the features and benefits SharePoint development can provide, but don't have the resources to hire large teams of SharePoint experts for extended periods of time. That's why we've put together a set of packages you can use, wherever you have needs that go beyond day-to-day ad hoc support needs but are simple and short enough that they don't require more elaborate project management methods.

  • 3 Day Solution Jump Start - Light
  • 1 Week Solution Jump Start
  • 2 Week Solution Jump Start – Enhanced
  • 3 Day and 1 Week Jump Start Add-ons

Lean More:

Jump Start Showcase - Coming Soon

We're updating the site to include detailed descriptions of past Jump Start projects that we can easily repeat. Please ask us if any of these might interest you.

Jump Start Light - 3 Day

  • Basic SharePoint Intranet: implement a pre-defined intranet site structure that includes features that are common to most companies, with very limited customization
  • Departmental Information Architecture: configuration file / data management structure for a single department including development of site columns, content types, lists and libraries, views, data population etc., assuming this does not include migrating documents
    • HR Document Management
    • Contracts Management
    • Proposal Management
    • SharePoint Based CRM
    • and more...
  • Basic SharePoint Farm Build: setting up a new SharePoint farm, provided that it has a small number of servers and there is no need to migrate content or solutions from another farm

Solution Jump Start Standard - 1 Week

  • Customized SharePoint / Office 365 Intranet: extends the Basic SharePoint Intranet above; implements a simple, but customized, intranet based on your specifications, combining the documentation with scripts that allow us to generate a fully custom intranet site quickly
  • SharePoint Farm Build and Migrate: Build and configure your new SharePoint farm, plus WSP solution and content database migration
  • Mobile Web Identity: Make SharePoint feel like home on any device with company branding, responsive web design, layouts, and web content publishing features
  • Search Optimization: Get the most out of SharePoint Search through proper configuration
  • Internal Communication: Break down departmental silos, provide leadership across the organization, and get everyone moving in the same direction using SharePoint to deliver fresh and relevant content to your staff on a regular basis.

Solution Jump Start Enhanced - 2 Weeks

  • Chimera Roll Out: Win more business, faster with setup and deployment of a customized Chimera Proposal Center, to get you started creating your first proposal
  • Client/Customer Service: Unify departments with a focus towards serving your customers and maintaining lasting relationships.
  • Customized SharePoint / Office 365 Extranet: development of a repeatable template site for client/customer or partner/vendor facing SharePoint sites to streamline your sharing of documents and information with other businesses.
  • Custom Line of Business App: rapid programming a custom business application or SharePoint customizations, within the 2 week timeframe
  • SharePoint Federated Auth: federation of SharePoint farm to any number of possible claims identity providers including Azure AD, ADFS, Beowulf Identity Server, Shibboleth, etc.
  • AgilePoint BPMS Pilot: gets you started in the AgilePoint portal, integrate with Office 365, and help you build your first workflow
  • Power BI Pilot: configuration of data gateway and creation of basic reports to get you started