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​We understand that finishing our project and handing the solution over is just the beginning. You have a few choices for how to proceed after a Jump Start project has reached its natural conclusion.

Option 1: Jump Start Extensions

While some Solution Jump Starts do have a natural end, it is designed to be an iterative framework. For example, there may be some business requirements identified during the first iteration that simply can't be fully met within the limited time frame of the project. Fortunately, having already laid the groundwork and gathered requirements, any Jump Start can be renewed one or more times in order to add subsequent sprints to the development effort.

A 1 Week Extension is appropriate for projects from 2 to 6 weeks long and includes time for testing and documentation that are required for larger projects.

  • Extension Day 1 - rapid implementation
  • Extension Day 2 - feedback and iterative improvement
  • Extension Day 3 - testing and stabilization
  • Extension Day 4 - refinement and documentation
  • Extension Day 5 - review and knowledge sharing

The 2 Week Extension follows a similar format, with the opportunity to perform more iterations.

  • Extension Day 1 to 5 - rapid implementation, feedback and iterative improvement
  • Extension Day 6 to 8 – testing, stabilization, and refinement
  • Extension Day 9 to 10 – documentation, review, and knowledge sharing

Note that by using multiple Jump Starts or extensions we can create a cycle of iterative development and improvement. It's possible to mix and repeat the two formats above as a way of balancing the pace of testing against new development in an ongoing open-ended effort.

Option 2: Plan a Larger Project

Often, Solution Jump Starts may be used for pilot or proof on concept efforts that might lead to more ambitious full-scale project later on. In these cases, we'll work with you to develop a detailed estimate, project plan, and proposal for the effort.

Option 3: Support Retainer or Agreement

When your project is over, you can always count on us to deliver support or consulting on an as needed basis. We offer regularly scheduled coaching sessions as well as hourly and fixed-cost support contracts. We have options for even the smallest budgets - and we're really flexible about supporting you. Even if it's just an hour or two here or there, we're always here to help you "Get MORE from SharePoint".

Option 4: That's All Folks!

Sometimes the Solution Jump Start is all that you needed to get some traction and you'll have everything you want to be self-sufficient in SharePoint after we're done. No problem! We really like it when our clients are happy with what we do, so don't worry about getting the tough up-sell from us. We'll check in with you later to see how things are going, and you can always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.