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​Step 1: Have an Idea

If you have a need you think we might be able to ​fulfill, that's a good basis to start the conversation. Write down your goals and priorities. Be sure to include any "nice-to-haves" you could live without. Check out our Jump Start Showcase to see if we've already profiled a solution that's similar to what you have in mind. If you're not certain, please feel free to ask us if your idea would be a good fit for our format.

Step 2: Have a Conversation

Contact us and schedule a meeting with one of our technical principals. This gives us a chance to review your requirements and make the judgment about whether they're reasonably achievable under a compressed schedule. It's also a good opportunity to tease out any hidden wrinkles or important details that may be lurking just below the surface.

Step 3: Get a Quote

If we agree that your project is a good fit for Jump Start, we'll do a write-up of a few pages describing our solution, any customizations that would be made to fit your needs, and the proposed schedule. Prose should be kept minimal, but there should be sufficient detail to capture the scope of work and deliverables.

Jump Start pricing is as straightforward as possible. There's no need to haggle or wait anxiously until we give you a quote to know what you'll spend. If the price changes, we'll update the information posted here.

  • 3 Day Jump Start = $3,696.00
  • 1 Week Jump Start = $5,840.00
  • 2 Week Jump Start = $9,940.00

Step 4: Pay the Required Deposit

For 3 Day and 1 Week Jump Starts, payment must be made in full prior to the commencement of work. For 2 Week Jump Starts, we require 50% down payment and the remainder will be due within 15 days of completion. Please have your funding set aside before we begin.

Depending on the size and creditworthiness of your business, we may require that you to sign a credit card pre-authorization allowing us to charge the balance on completion. If cost or timing are an issue, please ask us about financing options, payment plans, or a credit application for extended terms.

Step 5: Your Jump Start Begins

Once these​ conditions are met, we'll work with you to schedule a start date and schedule, which will be finalized by the time we have the kick-off meeting with you. Before you know it, the Jump Start will be done, and you'll be reaping the benefits.