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​​Solution Jump Start is probably well suited to your needs if:

  • On site service is not a requirement
  • Your project needs to show results quickly
  • You are okay with a general purpose solution that can be customized
  • You're flexible about getting 100% of what you want right now

In many cases, we have types of projects that we've done many times before. In these cases we've developed project plans and other assets which accelerate the pace of the project, eliminate risks/variables, and add extra value. Where your needs seem like a good fit for one of these semi-packaged solutions, we recommend that you strongly consider Jump Start as your first step toward achieving your goals.

Here are some examples:

  • Office 365 Intranet: Build out a SharePoint intranet on your Office 365 tenant
  • Office 365 Extranet: Build out a client or vendor facing portal in SharePoint.
  • Infrastructure Services: SharePoint farm build-out / configuration; farm diagnostic and tune-up
  • Information Architecture: Develop a site for a department or business unit, document management, etc.
  • Custom Applications: Line-of-business Application; Custom web-parts or app
  • Business Process Improvement: Workflow and forms; Search optimization; Chimera Proposal Center; Power BI pilot
  • Web Communications: Responsive web design, company branding, internal/company PR
  • Third-Party Product Integration: ADFS, AgilePoint or Nintex Workflow/Forms, CipherPoint, and F-5 Big IP
  • Security Analysis and Recommendations

What If Jump Start Isn't A Good Fit?

While it is pretty flexible, there are a few reasons why Solution Jump Start might not be the best format for your project. In any of these cases, you should ask us for a custom proposal that takes your needs into account.

  • If your project needs are large or open ended, then obviously Solution Jump Start isn't the right choice, although there may be cases where we can break some pieces off of a larger effort and deliver them using the Jump Start framework.
  • Jump Start requires you to follow our lightweight project management methodology. If you have your own project management requirements, such as SDLC, CMMI, etc. - or you need to report progress to the PMO - then Jump Start isn't necessarily the right choice.
  • Unless there are substantial similarities between your needs and one of our turn-key solutions, if you have known business or technical requirements with lengthy documentation, then Solution Jump Start is probably not right for you. We do accept "development to specifications" type work, but it must be handled on a time-and-materials basis.
  • Solution Jump Start is designed for work to be performed on a single SharePoint farm or Office 365 tenant only. If you have development, testing, staging farms, or multiple SharePoint farms or Office 365 tenants for any other reason, please request a custom quote for your project.