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​We provide immediate troubleshooting and problem resolution for Microsoft products. When your server stops working and heads will roll if someone doesn't fix it fast, we have experienced engineers and technical experts standing ready to begin repairing your problem right away.

Go ahead and jump the line. We'll push your needs to the top of the stack, even if it means pushing things around on the schedule, having to bulk up on resources, or sub-contracting some things out to make sure we can deliver.

What Technologies Do We Support?

Servers / systems we genereally support on an emergency basis:

  • Office 365
  • Azure
  • Windows Server / Active Directory / ADFS
  • SharePoint - because of course we would! ;-)
  • SQL Server
  • Web Applications

If you're problem involves a licensing question, we're very sorry. Technically speaking, that's not an emergency. We'll still do our best to help you, so please reach out during normal buisiness hours. (Unless, of course, you have a proposal due at midnight or something weird like that. We'll give you emergency help with that if you really need it.)

Why Liquid Mercury?

Examples of problems we've solved:

  • Outbound e-mails are being blocked so we can't send to anyone; we have cryptic NDR messages that lead us nowhere
  • A mission-critical InfoPath form doesn't work anymore and we can't find the source code for it anywhere
  • Many files have dissappeared from SharePoint; we think we might be getting hacked
  • The farm went down after normal business hours; if things are still this way in the monring, it will seriously impact business operations
  • SQL database logs filled the hard drive, now everything is crashing and there's no room to fix it
  • Some certificates expired; now we don't know what needs to be done to get everything back online
  • Certain SharePoint users are getting YSOD (yellow screen of death), while others are able to work just fine, and nobody can figure out why
  • We did an update and now SharePoint won't come back online at all! The configuration wizard just bombs out with a cryptic error message
  • Everything just started getting very slow for some unknown reason

What sets us apart?

  • We're a thought leader in Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • Our business is developing custom solutions to complex problems.
  • With 40+ years of cumulative experience in IT, we've seen it all!
  • We have a 100% success rate in these situations. We've never failed to deliver!
  • Our emergency services are guaranteed. If we can't fix you're problem, you won't pay more than the initial response charge.

Emergency Service Rates

​Priority Service
Weekdays 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time​ (excluding holidays)
$220 per hour
​Emergency Service
All other times$277 per hour

Above rates are effective starting July 1, 2018.

A two hour minimum "initial response charge" applies for all Emergency Service calls. This charge covers our cost for the intake process, paging services, and employees' on-call pay. The charge will be credited against any work performed. Response charge is not subejct to refunds or guarantees. All major credit cards gladly​ accepted.

Do You Anticipate Future Emergency Needs?

Maybe there's no fire to put out today, and you just want to know that you have somebody you can call on if the stuff hits the fan? That's fine. By far the most affordable way to handle such situations would be with an ongoing support contract. Such agreements allow us to maintain the health of your environment on an ongoing basis, and in return we assume responsibility for many problems that could otherwise cost a great deal to fix. Please reach out to us to set up an ongoing support contract if you'd like to protect your environment.

How to Get Started

You must have a credit card authorization form on file before work can begin, so have your card infromation ready.

If you're calling during regular business hours, call us, ask for the receptionist and tell them you're a new customer who needs emergency service, so we can get you help as quickly as possible. Or, at any time day or night, complete the request form below. Your information will be sent immediately to the engineer/tech on-duty. (To those who would prefer to send us an email, we're sorry that the spammers have ruined that option for everyone. Please reach out to us to set up an ongoing support contract if you'd like to communicate by e-mail and cell.)

What are you waiting for? Reach out now so we can get this thing fixed!

Call 410-633-5959 Now  In Case of Emergency, Click Here!!!