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​​​If you're in the general area of Baltimore to Washington, DC and you need services provided at your business location, we offer the following options.

Services We Offer On Site

Not every service we provide can be delivered on site, while some are available at your location at additional cost. For the services shown below, we offer standardized pricing for on-site service. If you need on-site delivery for a service not shown here, please discuss it with us and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

Off-site PC and Tablet Maintenance Service

  • An affordable alternative to on-site service, especially when you have multiple computers that need service
  • Great fit for major tune-ups, user data migration, hardware/software upgrades, and repairs
  • We pick up and drop off, so you can stay focused on your business
    • 10am to 5pm M-F only with prior arrangement.
  • $80 / hour, 8 hour minimum
  • Add additional device for just $25 / hour per device.
    • 5 device limit
    • For example, an additional 4 devices (5 total) for 8 hours would be $1,440
  • For security and privacy reasons, we do not accept cellular devices for off-site service.

On Site Technical Services for Desktops, Printers, Network Infrastructure

  • Includes a single, on-site Office 365 / Desktop PC / Network Technician at your location
  • $80 / hour
  • There is a 4 hour ($320.00) minimum charge per visit, so please ensure we have enough work to fill the time for you.
  • This is not an add-on service; the above price is the entire charge for the visit.
  • Payment must be made immediately after services are rendered, so please have your preferred payment method ready. We gladly accept all major credit cards and company checks.

On-site Office 365 Migration Services

  • All on-site migration packages include:
    • Extended remote support hours for 1 full week
    • Remote back-end tech support
  • On-site Office 365 Migration is an optional add-on service; must be purchased with an accompanying migration service and on-site fees are in addition to our standard per-company and per-user charges.
  • There's a minimum half-day per visit; we can break a single day into two half-days as needed to complete your migration
  • Packages are based on number of users and days on-site, choose from:
Light Migration
  • Good fit for small companies of 1 to 10 users and follow-up visits for larger migrations
  • Single on-site technical expert
  • Typically complete in 1 business day
  • $760 / day
Medium Migration
  • Good fit for companies of 10 to 25 users and follow-up visits for larger migrations
  • Two on-site technical experts
  • Remote coordinator / back-end support
  • $1,680 / day
  • Staggered staffing as the need diminishes over 1 to 3 business days
  • (Rate will reduce to light when support need decreases)
Heavy Migration
  • Good for companies of 25+ users
  • Two on-site technical experts
  • On-site technical assistant(s) - as needed at our discretion based on size
  • On-site coordinator
  • $2,360 / day
  • Staggered staffing as the need diminishes over 2 to 4 business days
  • (Rate will reduce to medium/light as support need decreases)

Does Liquid Mercury Offer On-Site SharePoint Development / Consulting?

Yes, but we're not a staffing company. To control costs, for this sort of work, we prefer to conduct as much as possible in our own offices. If you have a project that requires some meetings or parts of it to be on site at your offices, these will be negotiated and clearly identified in any quote or statement of work we prepare for you. Please keep in mind that if on site service is not discussed in advance, it will be entirely at our own discretion.

Local Coverage Area

Within our local area, we provide all on-site services at the above listed prices without additional charges for mileage or time. Our local area encompasses a 25 mile radius around our offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Arlington, Virginia respectively.

The map below shows our Local Coverage Area in green. Our Extended Local Coverage Area (where additional charges apply) is indicated in yellow. Please see below for details. This diagram is an approximation; actual mileage is computed by road distance, which will be different. Folks on Maryland's Eastern Shore please note, we can't actually get to your location within 50 miles, but our map tools didn't make it easy to show this. (If you're near US Rt. 50 and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, you're probably covered, otherwise it isn't likely.)

(Click here for full screen map in a new tab.)

On Site Services Outside Our Local Coverage Area

Additional charges apply beyond a 25 mile radius of our offices (Baltimore, MD and Arlington, VA). Formula for excess mileage charge is $50 for the first 25 mi. + $2.10/mile thereafter. In these cases, we will also charge for time travellng to (but not returning from) your location, as is customary in many industries.

If your location is more than 50 miles from our offices, please call us to inquire about availability of on-sites services; we may be able to work with you provided that proper arrangements are made for travel and lodging expenses.