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​​Skills On Demand is a better way to engage with highly skilled experts in SharePoint and related technologies, without the risks associated with paying by the hour.

How Skills OnDemand Subscriptions Work

1) Sign up for our monthly subscription service. 2) Choose one or more skill sets from our list. 3) We provide those resources to you, without hourly charges.

  • $2,400/month for the first skill-set
  • $1,800/month for each additional skill-set
"Pinch Hitter"
Pay just $2,400 extra to add an additional skill-set for just a single month whenever you need it. Engage and get the job done without making long term commitments.
"Maximum Overdrive!"™
Got a deadline you can't afford to miss? Put the team into high gear for 2 weeks at an additional cost of 50% of the monthly fee. (This service is available on a first-come first-served basis. For the sanity of our staff, there is a 4 week maximum.)
"The Unicorn"™
Get all 12 skill sets above without restriction ($22,200 value monthly) for $16,500 / month or $192,060 / year. You can hire our entire team of experts for the cost of just one consultant from a traditional recruiter.

Choose From These 12 Valuable Skillsets

Expert and Consultant Roles
  • Advanced Security
  • SharePoint Architect / SME
  • SharePoint Trainer
IT Admin Roles
  • Azure Management
  • SharePoint Farm Admin
Developer Roles
  • Form and Workflow Developer
  • Client-side SP Developer (SP Designer, JavaScript, jQuery, Etc.)
  • "Classic" SP Developer (On-premises/C#/WSP)
  • SP Online / Office 365 App Developer
  • SQL Database Developer
  • BI Developer

Don't see your desired skill set in the list? Tell us about your need and we'll do our best to fulfill it.

Skills-as-a-Service Is The Smart Choice

Here are just a few good reasons to consider skills-as-a-service as an alternative to traditional IT hiring or pay-pay-the-hour consulting arrangements. (Click on an item to expand and read more.)

Predictable Costs
Subscriptions allow you to budget for your projects and needs; no more having to choose between putting needed projects on hold vs. running back to management for additional funds.
Set priorities and allocate resources to any included skill set during any given month; distribution of effort is jointly determined to work toward your stated business goals. In a pinch? Add a role or put the whole team into overdrive for just a month.
Reduce HR Expense
Recruitment, retention, training, and turn-over costs can really drag down your development efforts and put an undue burden on your business. In particular, SharePoint talent continues to be in high demand, out of reach for many, and difficult to manage for just about everyone. Subscription based skills free you from the drama and let you and your team focus on getting stuff done.
Clear Scope
Easily cover gaps in your own team. You know what you're getting, because it's printed on the label. Dividing support activities by technical area makes it easy to understand and manage the services being provided.
Future Proof
Add new roles any time; scale back with advance notice as needed.
Simplified Billing
Pay monthly by credit card or quarterly/annually using company check. Our invoices are easy to understand; we don't play games with labor categories or other billing tricks.
Full Spectrum Coverage
Each skill-set provides for all activities, from junior grunt-work to SME level consulting. No approval is required to escalate when needed.
Project management, status reports, and regular meetings are included in the cost of the service.

Compare Us to the Competition​

Save Money
For less than the price of our competitors' highest tier plan that covers only 4 skillsets, you can buy 5 skillsets from us. Take a look at our example teams, and you'll see why you won't have to hire The Unicorn to get your project done!
Avoid Lock-in
Add skillsets any time. Scale back with reasonable, 30 days, notice. Easily handle one-time needs as they occur with our exclusive Pinch Hitter service.
More Flexible
Pick and choose from just the skills you need; there's no obligation to purchase bundled skillsets or buy more services than you want.
No Black Box
We provide transparent reporting of activities, staff, and time worked. Our team will work a guaranteed minimum of 20 scheduled hours per skill-set per month - and in most cases we'll work a heckuva lot harder than that!

Real Life Examples

Customer: "We have an Office 365 subscription with 50 users. We need help customizing SharePoint using out-of-the-box features, but we also want to do customizations that go beyond OOTB functionality."
Monthly cost = $2,677.00/month (click for more...)
  • Admin 365 On Demand for 50 users $277.00/month
  • SP Client-side Dev = $2,400/month
  • Compare to FPWeb's "Absolute Support Developer" at $7,500/month
Customer: : "We have Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises for a large number of users. We need help maintaining single-sign on and other systems that support users logging in. Some of these systems are hosted in the cloud on Windows Azure."
Monthly cost = $6,000 / month (click for more...)
  • Advanced Security = $2,400
  • Azure Management = $1,800
  • SP Farm Admin = $1,800
  • Compare to FPWeb's "Absolute Support Security" at $10,000/month
Customer: : "We have SharePoint hosted in house, with heavy "classic" customization. Authentication is windows based and the servers are for intranet use only. We're planning to move toward Office 365. Our current IT staff is capable of managing SharePoint on a day-to-day basis and will manage Azure as we transition. However, we need help determining what functionality we can migrate to the cloud and actually converting or replacing the code."
Monthly cost = $5,000 / month (click for more...)
  • SP On-premises (C#/WSP) Dev = $2,400
  • SP Online / Office 365 Dev = $1,800
  • 4x Yearly "Pinch Hitter" SP Farm Admin / DB Developer = $800
  • Compare to FPWeb's "Absolute Support Developer" at $7,500/month