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  • Are you confused by Microsoft's ocean of choices?
  • Want to leverage all the cloud features, not just the easy ones?
  • Got anything better to do than being your own IT person?
  • Is it important to improve rathen than just maintain your business?
Now Part of Enterprise On Demand,
And Back by Popular Demand, It's ...

What Is the Cloud Full Monty?

Cloud Full Monty is an ongoing technology improvement service plan.

This bundle includes some of our most popular "On Demand" subscriptions, to reduce or eliminate the need for conventional IT services.

The plan includes benefits like consulting, support, administration, maintenance, and implementation of your Microsoft cloud services, without making unecessary distinctions between specific technologies and workloads. We also provide regular strategy meetings to help you get MORE from Microsoft cloud services.

With Cloud Full Monty, we're at your beck-and-call to help you manage all your Microsoft online services. Consider us your IT department in the cloud.

Why Use Cloud Full Monty?

Tired of IT projects that grind to a halt because the scope changed or they went over budget?

Compare Cloud Full Monty with the uncertainties and costs of hiring extra staff or IT vendors that charge by the hour.

Though we offer services on an hourly or project basis, we designed Cloud Full Monty to provide compelling value for those with ongoing needs, but whose requirements aren't fully defined.

Try our service, and we think you'll be glad that you flipped the Liquid Mercury switch.

Here's what makes Cloud Full Monty truly unique:

  • We simplify Microsoft's complex landscape; you don't draw lines between different Microsoft features and apps, so why should we?
  • We carry your IT burden, so you can focus on your business.
  • Technology Improvement means that we do MORE than just provide support; we take proactive steps to help you acheive your goals over time.
  • Articulate your wishes in e-mail. Hit Send.
    Our staff handles everything and responds with questions and/or when the task is finished.
  • Stay on track - Strategic consulting and one-on-one training are included with the service.
  • Packages are based on your company size - and that's all.
  • Up-front, predictable, and affordable - Our pricing is transparent, so you know what you're paying for and can plan ahead. Tiered pricing keeps the billing consistent as you add or remove users.
  • Limits are reasonable and lock-in extended service at amazing rates.

What's Included?

Redeem your subscription benefits to complete Service Requests (such as support cases, troubleshooting, Q&A, training, etc.) and longer-term Task Orders (e.g. administration, deployment, customization, implementation).

We also develop and carry-out your Technology Improvement Plan, with regularly scheduled consulting and strategy sessions designed to help you get the most out of Microsoft services you already have.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Cloud Full Monty:

  • We can configure SharePoint to spec, including provisioning, security, information architecture, business process, content, and recovery operations in SharePoint Online like those tasks we describe in SharePoint Admin On Demand
  • Build automated forms or business process using tools like Flow, PowerApps, and Forms
  • Customize Dynamics to meet your unique business needs
  • Deploy various features of Windows Azure such as Azure AD DS or a public web site
  • Provide essential training and skill development workshops for your admins and users

And much, much MORE...

Plans and Pricing

Cloud Full Monty pricing and entitlements are based on the size of your organization. Find your plan on the table below.

"Cloud Full Monty"
Tecnology Improvement Plan
Org. Size
Concurrent Mini-Projects
(Task Orders **)
Cases / Month
(Service Requests**)
Cloud Full Monty - Micro Business
Cloud Full Monty - Small Business
Cloud Full Monty - Enterprise

If you're too big for one of these plans above, don't worry. Additional users can be included at a reasonable price. Just ask us for a custom quote.

How to Get Started

Chances are you already have Microsoft cloud services in place. But if that's not the case, we encourage you to visit our Cloud Services page and check out the plans and options available to you.

Getting started with Cloud Full Monty is easy. We have a straightforward onboarding process that only takes an hour (or two at most) to complete.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and get started.

Other Q&A About Cloud Full Monty

Many of these questions are addressed in detail by our Service Level Agreement. We'll summarize here as well.

Extended Service **

Reasonable limits on concurrent Task Orders and Service Requests per month have been put in place. When exceeding these limits becomes necessary, Extended Service is available at the rate of $1.75 per minute ($105 per hour). This protects both you and us, by allowing work to continue in a streamlined fashion, while preventing usurious or exploitative use of our service plans.

Other rules for this policy are explained in detail in our SLA.

Do Your Count Frontline/Kiosk/Deskless Workers?

Yes, Cloud Full Monty is based on the size of your organization, without distinction for the types of plans you assign to individuals.

Do You Offer Plans for Organizations Larger than 100 People?

Yes, if you have more than 100 employees in your company we will provide you with custom pricing based on your unique needs.

What About Small Office / Home Office?

While not listed in the plans shown above, we have options that appeal to home-based businesses. Have a conversation with us and we'll find a service plan that works for you.

What Workloads / Environments Are Supported?

Cloud Full Monty was designed for those who want to get maximum value from the Microsoft cloud, without drawing unnecessary lines between the many products and services Microsoft offers. Thus, Cloud Full Monty covers all the following:

  • Office Desktop (Word, Excel, PowerPivot, Outlook, etc.)
  • SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Flow and PowerApps
  • Forms, Sway, and Stream
  • Skype for Business (including telephony)
  • Teams, Yammer, StaffHub
  • Office 365 Groups and Azure Active Directory
  • Planner and Project
  • Dynamics 365 and Business Central
  • Power BI
  • Bookings and Planner
  • Enterprise Mobility & Security including Identity Protection, Conditional Access, Mobile Device Management, and Intune
  • Security & Compliance Center
  • All of the other Office 365 Admin Centers
  • Most Windows Azure services

Anything That Isn't Covered?

Please note Cloud Full Monty provides support and improvement at a relaxed pace. Therefore, it isn't a suitable replacement for large scale projects such as cloud migrations, intranet implementations, or programming/development projects - though it would be beneficial after many such projects are completed.

Cloud Full Monty covers cloud services. Infrastructure support (desktops, servers, networks, etc.) such as what we provide in Enterprise On Demand are not included. Likewise, Cloud Full Monty can't be used to service advanced environments, such as hosted or on-premises SharePoint farms or systems managed by Remote Desktop, VPN, or similar remote access methods. Finally, Cloud Full Monty is a remote service and does not imply any on-site visits, though these are available at an additional charge within our on-site service area.

For the full details and limits of Cloud Full Monty service, please review our Service Level Agreement.

What If Cloud Full Monty Isn't a Good Fit?

We know that Cloud Full Monty may not be right for everyone. Here are some other ways we can provide service you might consider instead:

  • On Demand Service Plans for specific cloud and on-premises workloads such as Office 365, SharePoint, Azure, and Dynamics
  • Full-service Office 365 migration service
  • Jump Starts - 3, 5, and 10 day mini-project engagements
  • Suppliment your IT team with skill sets on a subscription basis
  • As-needed services in blocks of 20, 40, or more hours at reasonable rates
  • Daily billing in half-day increments and emergency service are also available

Please ask us if you would prefer for us to provide a quote using a different service offering or billing mechanism.